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Excalibur Bagel Machine - New

New Jersey

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Thank you for your inquiry for the Excalibur Bagel Machine, built by skilled craftsman in our New Jersey factory. The Excalibur Bagel Machine (Divider & Former), built by skilled craftsman at our factory in Fair Lawn, NJ, USA, makes great bagels every time with its efficient, economical and easy-to-use design. Our machine combines a dough divider and bagel former in one unit for easy use. Efficient: It eliminates the unpredictability, inconsistency and labor costs of hand-rolling, a can produce thousands per hour. Economical: The Excalibur Bagel Machine, is a great value! Because it is built in-house, we have the best price in the market. Easy-to-Use: The Machine feeds the dough through a top conveyer belt, cuts it, and forms the bagel within seconds. The entire machine is easy to maintain.



Additional Features

• Easy, continuous loading for high volume production.
• Easy maintenance with all sealed bearings and no oil to contaminate the dough.
• Easy to move as it is set upon sturdy rolling casters.
• Quick knock-down for cleaning.
• Over-sized turntable allows a single person to operate the device.
• Belt tension adjustment avoids costly belt replacements.