Triple Action Mixer Parts

Excalibur Triple Action Two Arm Mixer

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  1. Kneading Arm, Stainless Steel
  2. Grease Cap with Gasket and 3 screws A.A. Spindle
  3. Thumb Screw for Kneading Arm, Short Stainless Steel
  4. Kneading Arm Socket with Top Spindle
  5. Kneading Arm Handwheel, Handwheel Pinion Round End
  6. Kneading Arm Shear for Automatic Rounding Device
  7. Mixing Arm Shear for Automaic Locking Device
  8. Mixing Arm Handwheel/Handwheel Pinion Round End
  9. Hook with Ball Weight for Automatic Locking Device
  10. Mixing Arm Socket
  11. Thumb Screw for Kneading Arm, Long, Stainless Steel
  12. Mixing Arm, Stainless Steel
  13. Bowl Proper, without gear and truck
  14. Foot Clutch Pedal
  15. Worm Gear for Bowl Drive
  16. Bowl Gear
  17. Sude Caster for Bowl Truck
  18. Truck Casting
  19. Bowl Retaining Hook
  20. Front Caster for Bowl Truck (Caster Only)
  21. Alemite Fitting
  22. Trolley Handle
  23. Side Guard
  24. Fork with Spindle for Front Caster
  25. "T" Screw for Bowl Locking Lever
  26. Bowl Locking Lever
  27. Front Bearing for Bowl Drive Shaft
  28. Bowl Drive Shaft
  29. Machine Base
  30. Rear Bearing for Bowl Drive Shaft
  31. Bowl Drive Pulley or Sprocket
  32. Main Drive Pulley
  33. Motor Platform
  34. "V" Belts
  35. Interlocking Ring/Spacer Sleeve 

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