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Excalibur Spiral Mixer

New Jersey

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Thank you for inquiry about the Excalibur Spiral Mixer, a powerhouse with a gentle touch! The Excalibur Spiral Mixer, built by skilled craftsman at our factory in Fair Lawn, NJ, USA, is efficient, economical, and easy to use. With the combined action of a spinning dough hook and rotating bowl, this powerful bakery mixer combines ingredients in less time, saving energy and labor costs. It is designed for strong formulas like bagel dough. The secret is in the spiral kneading principle. Both the bowl and dough hook spin, kneading the dough twice as fast while reducing friction and excess heat.



Additional Features

• Two sizes available – (50-100 lb flour capacity and 100-200 lb flour capacity).
• Excellent dough qualities: smooth, silky, well developed.
• Faster mixing times.
• Easy maintenance
• For large and small batches.
• All parts that come in contact with dough are stainless steel.
• No airborne flour dust. Stainless steel bowl cover is rugged, easy to clean, and food resistant.
• Especially suited for use as a bagel mixer because of the torque and strength of the motors.