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Excalibur Triple Action Twin-Arm Mixer

New Jersey

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Thank you for your inquiry about the Excalibur Triple Action Twin-Arm Mixer, with its unique capacity to be both powerful and gentle! Call Shelley at Excalibur at 201-797-2788 for pricing. If we do not hear from you, we will reach out to the number provided within 24 business hours. In the meantime, here are some details: The Excalibur Triple Action Two-Arm Mixer combines three actions for the fast, gentle mixing. The mixing bowl spins while two mechanical arms carefully knead, stretch, lift, and fold doughs for the increased gluten development. This gentle three-way agitation ensures thorough mixing without damage to the ingredients. The mixer can be used for delicate salads and fruit without grinding the nuts and spices.



Additional Features

• Old-time hand mixing method for duplication of hand-kneaded dough.
• Twin arms mix, knead, stretch, lift and fold dough for superior gluten development.
• Clear plastic guard allows operator to view the dough at all times.
• Ideal for use as a cheese, salad, or dough mixer.

Ideal for Mixing:
• Dough: breads, rolls, biscuits, pies, pastries
• Fillings: meat, cheese, nuts
• Salads
• Soups
• Cheese