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Excalibur Automatic Bowl Elevator

New Jersey

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Thank you for inquiry about the Excalibur Automatic Bowl Elevator. Call Frank at Excalibur at 201-797-2788 for pricing. If we do not hear from you, we will reach out to the number provided within 24 business hours. In the meantime, here are some additional details: The Excalibur Automatic Bowl Elevator eliminates the heavy and time consuming work of transferring dough from mobile bowls to other equipment. Just wheel the bowl into the lifting arms, press the button, and our machine does the rest, raising and tilting the bowl to empty its contents. The lifting platform is made from sturdy steel construction and firmly bolted to a pair of heavy chains. A 2 H.P. reduction gear box lifts the bowl with ease. Excalibur makes models to lift virtually any bowl to any height, regardless of bowl size. Dimensions and technical specifications vary depending on requirements. Don’t risk injury by lifting heavy mixing bowls by hand. Contact us today and ask about our safe, labor-saving bowl elevator.


ModelAutomatic Bowl Elevator

Additional Features

• Can be made to lift any bowl regardless of size, weight, or diameter.
• Can be made to raise bowl to any height.
• Plastic covered steel guides protect bowl during lifting and bowl rotation operations.