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Excalibur TR-2 Drum Grater & Shredder

New Jersey

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Thank you for your inquiry about the Excalibur TR-2 Drum Grater & Shredder. For more information, please fill out the QUOTE FORM. Call Shelley at Excalibur at 201-797-2788 for pricing. If we do not hear from you, we will reach out to the number provided within 24 business hours. In the meantime, here is some additional information: The Excalibur TR-2 Drum Grate & Shredder is an excellent commercial grater for bakeries, food processing plants, pizzerias, and pharmaceutical labs. The Excalibur Tr-2 Grater & Shredder can be continuously loaded for high volume production. This machine can shred through ingredients at an estimated rate of 3000 lbs per hour. This versatile drum grater/shredder will grate or shred virtually any ingredient that is hard and dry. Grate cheese, make bread crumbs, crack nuts, or grind coffee beans. The drum grater/shredder comes with your choice of grating or shredding screens with different sized holes for various applications.



Additional Features

• For bakeries, commissaries, institutions, cheese manufacturers, food plants, chemical and pharmaceutical applications.
• Easy, continuous loading for high volume production.
• Grates/shreds at a rate of approximately 3,000 pounds per hour.
• Quick change drums available in a variety of perforations.