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Excalibur Rotating Rack Oven (Double Capacity)

New Jersey

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Thank you for interest in the Excalibur Rotating Double-Sized Rack Oven with a cascading water system that saves thousands of pounds of water per week as compared to the standard kettle system. The Excalibur Double-Sized Rack Rotating Ovens, built by skilled craftsman at our factory in Fair Lawn, NJ, USA, are a workhorse for baking bagels, breads, muffins, granola, pies, and other products. The unique steam system produces bagels that are similar to the "boil and bake" system. With the right formulation, this oven produces shiny, chewy bagels. The Excalibur Rack Ovens offer high temperatures, fast recovery times, and a durable, compact design. The EXL-I holds a single baking rack with 18 pans, while the larger EXL-II has double capacity and can bake 40 pans at a time. The bake chamber is constructed of stainless steel. Each oven is equipped with an automatic cascading water system that envelopes the bagels in water and steam. The EXL-I bakes up to 250 bagels at a time, depending upon bagel size, in approximately 12 minutes, while the larger EXL-II can bake approximately 600 bagels, depending upon the bagel size. The ovens are efficient, economical, and easy to use.


ManufacturerExcalibur Rotating Rack Oven (Double Capacity)
Dimensions Excalibur’s Rack Oven (Double Capacity) (EXL-II) measures approximately 63” deep X 89” wide X 92” high (with a needed clearance of 107" high)
Gas RequirementEXL-II: 450,000 BTU/H
Electrical208/220Volts/3-phase (60 cycles)15 AMPS. Main four-pole switch (3PH plus Neutral and Ground). Oven is available with other voltages upon request.
Water Line1/2 inch water line for steam

Additional Features

• A rotating rack for uniform, consistent baking.
• Even-flow convection heating.
• Built-in steaming system – all you need is a water supply.
• Available in natural gas, propane, or oil-powered models.
• Stainless steel baking chamber.
• Reaches temperatures up to 600°F.
• Quick recovery times.
• Analog (not computerized) controls for easy use and inexpensive replacement parts.
• New ovens carry a one year warranty on non-wear parts.