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Excalibur Bagel Kettle 45 gallon or 25 gallon (same price)

New Jersey

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Thank you for inquiry about the Excalibur Bagel Kettle! These are built by skilled craftsmen in our NJ factory. The Excalibur Bagel Kettles are available in 25 gallon and 45 gallon capacity. Our skilled craftsman build these at our factory in Fair Lawn, NJ. They are specifically made for bagel production for use in conjuction with the traditional a revolving tray bagel oven.



Additional Features

45-gallon or 25-gallon capacity.
Removable tank.
Insulated with 3″ mineral wool.
2 ring burner.
Removable perforated tray.
100% shut down safety valve.
6″ – 7-1/2″ adjustable stainless steel legs.
Meets ETL standards up to 200,000 BTUs,
Available for natural or propane gas.
Not available in electric.